Re: Dropping spots.

Rob Robinett

Since this morning's WD Users Zoom we uncovered one bug in WD spot uploading which is the result of the overload problems.
I think I can implement and check in a fix before tomorrow morning.
But until then, you should be able to resume uploads of new spots by:
1) stop WD: '~/wsprdaemon/ -z'
2) save away your current cache of spots:  'mv ~/wsprdaemon/uploads.d/wsprnet.d/ ~/wsprdaemon/uploads.d/'
3) start WD:   '~/wsprdaemon/ -a'

My updated version of WD will allow you to restore and upload those saved spots/

On Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 12:40 AM <rob@...> wrote:

Mine has failed completely too.

I see 1545 lines in "upload_spots_file_list.txt" and "uploads.log" has grown to 2601 lines with "broken Pipe" and "line 3420: echo: write error: Broken pipe".

No doubt this is caused by the Wsprnet issues but I suspect I will need to delete some spot   files and restart Wsprdaemon to get things started again.  Rob, do you agree?



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