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Rob Robinett

I think that the only rx site which may encounter this is VY0ERC which is currently offline.  Since this astral problem is encountered only by WD users with sunrise/sunset schedules and there is only one site which could encounter the problem, I think this is a low priority issue.

As a reminder:   In WD 3.0 sunrise/sunset times are in the timezone of the WD server
Look at the file "hhmm.sched" to see how WD has translated the WSPR_SCHEDULE in the conf file to a HH:MM schedule.
The file "suntimes" contains the sunrise/sunset times calculated by the astral library

On Wed, Jun 1, 2022 at 11:43 PM Gwyn Griffiths via <> wrote:

This is a known problem with the python astral library for locations with near to and higher latitudes than the Arctic and Antarctic Circles depending on time of year when the sun does not set or does not rise.
The set location in your example is in the north of Canada's Northwest territories - was that your intention?
If truly so, then Rob, we should discuss options, e.g. wrapping the astral program within one that has to check for applicable time of year and latitude before passing to astral.

Gwyn G3ZIL

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