Re: wsprdaemon with SDRplay devices on Raspberry Pi 4

Glenn Elmore

Unfortunately upon surveying  > 30 OTA HDTV broadcasts here on Colorado 's Front Range with my GPSDO referenced 0-2 GHz Frequency Extender, hearing HDTV ATSC pilot carriers from well South of Denver up to the Wyoming border, I find almost *NONE* of them on the 'correct' ATSC spot. They are generally within 1 kHz (FCC spec?) but they deliberately offset in order to avoid QRMing each other. Unless you can get the engineer-in-charge to tell you what their exact offset is (if they know it) I don't think these signals are nearly as useful as first hoped.

So much for using ATSC for the truly accurate frequency information it might otherwise provide. It's slated to disappear anyway...

On 5/26/22 21:20, Rob Robinett wrote:
That RP clone doesn't appear to have an external clock input option, so I can use the "calibrate against a local ATSC pilot carrier' if those can be trusted.

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