Re: wsprdaemon with SDRplay devices on Raspberry Pi 4

Rob Robinett

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for that post.  I have ordered one of those clones from ebay if only to compare it against my RP2.

I had my RP2 working with WD 3.0 last year, and I will check to see if that code is still working.  

The big issue with using any of those SDRs for VHF/UHF WSPR is calibrating its frequency settings.  I can drive the RP2 from my Bodnar to get 1 hz accuracy and stability,  but even an RTL-SDR is stable enough to decode WSPR on 23 cm if I can calibrate its tuning.   That RP clone doesn't appear to have an external clock input option, so I can use the "calibrate against a local ATSC pilot carrier' if those can be trusted.

I have

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