Re: performance wsprdaemon on a RPI3

Rob Robinett

Hi Bryan,

I see from that you are still running  You would benefit from updating your WD by running:

git pull
wd -z
wd -a

I have just installed Wd 3.0.2 at many of the top sites and have found how to use some of its features to ensure there is no CPU overloading on the WD server.  Logging is much improved in WD 3.0, so wsprd timeouts and other errors which were silently handled (tom some extent) by WD 2.10 are now much more visible.  To see log lines with ERROR execute:

wd -l e    (show Log errors)

You can ignore the "ERROR: only x o y spots accepted by" lines, but any other error lines should be investigated.

If you see "ERROR: timeout..." lines, then you are running out of CPU cycles and you should try adding this line to your conf file:

WSPRD_CMD_FLAGS="-C 500 -o 3 -d"

At one especially challenged site I had to go down from the default '-o 4' to:

WSPRD_CMD_FLAGS="-C 500 -o 2 -d"

Even '-o 2' didn't seem to affect the number of decoded spots, so users with Pi 3bs may be able to scan 14+ bands.

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