Re: wsprdaemon with SDRplay devices on Raspberry Pi 4

Bruce KX4AZ

I happened to notice on Aliexpress (search for 'RSP1') there are a ton of RSP1 clones based on the msi2500 chip, that have either a single input with DIP switches for input filtering, or are equipped with 5 separate filtered inputs for different ranges (snapshots attached)....though for HF there is only a single "0-30 MHz" filter.  The pricing (generally <$20) would make them very competitive with the humble RTL-SDR dongles, though I haven't seen any performance tests for this new RSP1 clone "flavor".

If the new wspardaemon version happens to work with this variety of an RSP1 clone and if the performance at least matches that of the RTL-SDR, this could be a very interesting option for WSPR spotting.

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