WD update adds improved support for 'noise level only' bands

Rob Robinett

 In response to a user request, have tested and checked in enhancements to which add support for the feature you requested which runs the quickest wsprd on those 'noise level only' bands like WWV_10.  You can see the noise level charts produced for those bands like WWV_10 at: http://wsprdaemon.org/graphs/NorthernUtahSDR/

In your conf file schedule you can explicitly define  mode 'W0"  (that is a zero) , e.g. "00:00 KIWI1,WWV_10,W0"
But W0 is now the default mode for those bands, so "00:00 KIWI1,WWV_10" defaults to W0.
Since this mode is a pure enhancement of  the functionality of and (I think) the NortherUtahSDR (KA7OEI-1) site is the only user of those WWV_x bands, I haven't incremented the version number.

So if you run 'git pull' on a WD directory in which 'git checkout 3.0.2' has been run, you will see several files updated.  But if you don't have one of those WWV_x bands defined in your schedule, there should be no change in the operation of your site.

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