Increased cpu load on v3

Bryan Klofas

Hello Rob--

I've been playing around with v3 recently, and it seems to work much better than v2.8. I like the increased debugging when shutting down, and it's gotta be easier to maintain.

But, anecdotally, the new version consumes much more system resources than v2.8. My computer is a Pi 3B, 64-bit bullseye, decoding 7 bands from an up-to-date local Buster KiwiSDR. I know I need a better processor, but this is going to a remote site and it's all I have for now.

Using v2.8, 15-minute load is around 2.5. At the 2-min mark, the load shoots up to 4 when wsprd is running, normal. Additionally, the CPU temp is always in the mid 60's deg C.

Using v3.0.2, 15-minute load is 4+. At the 2-min mark, load is 5+ for the wsprd decoding period. Processor temp is 70+ degrees C.

I'm scratching my head as to why this could be. Same Pi 3B hardware, same OS, during the same time frame/band conditions. The only Apt package differences I can tell between v3 and v2.8 is python3-matplotlib and python3-scipy; I'm assuming that v3 uses the pip packages of these two, vs apt packages for v2.8.

I ran these tests with a wsprd decoding depth of 3 (from standard 4), because "-o 4" wsprd periods were too long, and the CPU temp was above 80 deg C and throttling.

Have you seen this problem in your testing? I guess the ultimate answer is "throw a better computer at it".
Bryan Klofas KF6ZEO

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