Re: WD 3.0 beta testing

Rob Robinett

I have just checked in some fixes to 3.0.2 to support installation of Pi 'buster' and 'bullseye' and Ubuntu 20.04.
Also, I added support for the 22M band:  "KIWI_0,22" is an example of the conf file syntax.
That code is running at KPH on a Pi4 buster which needed to be changed to '-o 3' or it runs out of CPU with the 15 rx channels)
At KFS the code runs on a 28 channel Thinkcenter Ubuntu 20.04 which finishes decodes in about 70 seconds.

Although I think they were working, in order to get log lines about scheduling I also reworked and tested the schedule's sunrise/sunset calculations.  The schedule times are referenced to the time reported by the linux 'date' command. So if your server is set for UDT, then the schedule times are referenced to UDT.  I don't have a server set for UDT, so I would appreciate any testing done on a UDT server.  

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