WD 3.0 beta testing

Rob Robinett

The WD 3.0 software has been running at my AI6VN/KH6, KPH and KFS sites for several months, and in the last two weeks I have helped bring it up on an additional 8 sites.  In most of those installations it seems to run as stably as 2.10k and 3.0 includes many 'behind-the-scenes' enhancements to slightly improve the number of spots reported.  I have also just created a Telegram 'Wsprdaemon' channel which I will monitor.  WD 3.0 includes a remote support option which when enabled in your conf file will, with your permission, allow me to log on to your WD server to help with installation and debugging.

So I am inviting those who are interested in joining the 3.0 beta program to install it.

For existing WD 2.10 users:  

cd ~/wsprdaemon
./wsprdaemon.sh -z            
git pull
git checkout v3.0
./wsprdaemon.sh -a

The ./wsprdaemon.conf file formats are backwards compatible, and you can return to use 2.10 by executing 'git checkout main' in the above commands.

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