Local Monitoring


The recent Wsprnet issues have coincided with me moving to using Wsprdaemon.  I hope it wasn't me....

Good morning All,

As a result of the recent Wsprnet  disruption, it has been quite difficult to see if my new Wsprdaemon setup has been working properly - and of course I have repeatedly jumped to the conclusion that there is some kind of issue at my end, leading to lots of fiddling with settings and multiple unnecessary reboots of both the Pi and the Kiwisdr.  

I now know how to look at the Wsprdaemon upload files to see what is going on, but it would be nice to have a continuous output of spots to a console or something to provide some reassurance that all is ok.  I guess I could dig into my 25 year out of date Unix knowledge and try and do something with a script, but I'm wondering if this is something that has already been done?

Is there a Wsprdaemon command line option which I am missing which continually echos spots to the console?  Has anybody else implemented something to allow continuous local monitoring of spots?


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