Re: wsprdaemon with SDRplay devices on Raspberry Pi 4

Bruce KX4AZ

Rob posted this last month....will be fantastic if the other SDRs can be incorporated like that...

"For those of you who don't join our Wednesday 18:00 UTC Zoom call, I thought it would be useful to let you know that I am actively working on a major new version of WD which will include these major new features:

1) Support for the new FST4W transmission modes added in WSJT-x V2.3.0, in particular the 5,15, and 30 minute packets.  Each band configured to receive them  will consume up to 100+ MBytes of space in /tmp/wsprdaemon 
2) Support for additional SDRs supported by the SoapyAPI service.  These include SDRPlay, RTL-SDR, Red Pitaya and many others.

It may be several weeks before I have a v3.0 release candidate running at the beta sites, but I wanted WD users that it is still under active development."

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