Re: Odroid XU4

Rolf Ekstrand


I would like to try it as Odroid seems to have them in stock now.   This as even raspberries are getting in short supply these days  and I don't like the HDMI connections as they loose connections over time if you move the unit around.  This more so on the 400 even if you use the short flexible  HDMI to micro transition cable.  

I think you said way back that you are using 14 channels on your XU4  and that would be plenty for me.   Still battling heavy interference here between 2.0 - 3.0 Mhz  and  I changed to RTL-SDR 2,6 Mhz High pass but that is not enough to knock down the racket.  I am thinking of using high performance 5 Mhz or there about to knock it out of the Kiwi and then  use single band very narrow band band pass ahead of a high dynamic range RX's  for 3.5  and below. This together with single band magnetic loop for each band and rx. 

Thus I'll run the Kiwi on 7 -  28 Mhz  ( 7 channels as I am running right now) and hopefully 3.5 and 1.8 on single band separate rx's.   I am using the Kiwi with a BB Black here so I am limited to  8 Channels on the Kiwi anyway.     



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