To Proxy or not to Proxy?



I am new to WsprDaemon, having only had things up and running for a couple of days.  Pretty modest station - single KiwISDR  with 8 WSPR channels into an end fed half-wave cut for 20M.  Currently I have a default setup with spots sent directly to Wsprnet, but have been wondering whether using the WsprDaemon proxy might me a better idea.  What are the pros and cons please?

I realize this might not quite be the best time to be asking this question - at various times in the last 24H the number of my spots recorded at wsprnet (when I could get in) was different and always higher than reported by WSPRD querying the Wsprdaemon database, although they seem to be coming close to being in sync again...

BTW it was a very easy automated setup on an Pi4 2GB with the latest standard Raspberry Pi OS "full fat" image.  Many Thanks for your hard work Rob!


             Rob (G7ELK, Fareham UK)

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