Re: Problem with wspr-server ??


Hi Gwyn,
Does WA2ZKD's list reflect the spots in the site, or does it show wsprdaemon database ?

New spots are showing up now again on the WA2ZKD site as well as on Phil's website wsprd.vk7jj

However where are the older spots from today - only 9000 spots showed up so far - it should be about 20000 instead at this time... Are these spots stored somewhere or lost ?
The reason,  why I want to know is, that I do not know, what to monitor is such a case as today. Perhaps I should have taken action, as there is something wrong here with my PC ?
- I know, decoder worked ok
- I know in the afternoon all decodes where stored in many files waiting to be accepted as uploaded. However it doesn't happen. Instead at a certain point all files with old spots from today disappeared and never showed up again... at least not on WA2ZLD site as well as VK7JJ's site.

There is a gap with no spots from 8h28utc to 16h46 utc. with no spots in between, which explains only 9000 spots so far... Does it mean both websites are not showing wsprdeamon database but, which is faulty ?
Unfortunately I do not understand the data flow.... hope to learn it sometimes...hi

Ulli, ON5KQ

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