Re: Problem with wspr-server ??

Gwyn Griffiths

I've emailed Rob with a note that many of the API requests to are timing out and there are large gaps in the sequence numbers of spots being returned by There is certainly congestion at wsprnet,org today.

However, I've found that upload into the wsprdaemon_spots table in the tutorial database is working well, as this is entirely independent of I know terminology can sometimes be confusing, so in case it helps, here is a reminder:

On any wsprdaemon server (,,

1. Database 'wsprnet' has a table 'spots' gathered via an API from

2. Database 'tutorial' has two tables 'wsprdaemon_spots' and 'wsprdaemon_noise' from data sent directly to the wsprdaemon server from your client wsprdaemon application, and so is unaffected by any congestion at

Gwyn G3ZIL

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