Re: Inconsistency of Grafana Noise data = gaps with no data

Rob Robinett

Hi Ulli,

In installing WD 3.0 server on WD I have uncovered a number of problems, among the most worrisome is that a couple of WD client sites (not yours) are repeatedly uploading the same valid spot+noise data files.  I am currently working on the new 3.0 code to keep it from propagating the errors generated by such repeated uploads to the WD2 server which is the source of the Grafana pages.  I will then contact those two sites to see why their WD client SW is generating such errors.


On Sat, Jan 15, 2022 at 4:11 AM Gwyn Griffiths via <> wrote:
Hello Ulli
The problem you describe was an unexpected transient 'side-effect' of a change to new WD 3.0 software on the server. 
Later today I will see if I can fill the missing data. 

This was not caused by an attack.

best wishes

Rob Robinett
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