Re: WSPRDAEMON.CONF ---- error when entering a band


You need to call it 80eu instead of ja.
Steve KD2OM

On Jan 7, 2022, at 09:44, Chris Wilson <chris@...> wrote:

I made a whatsit updating my running wsprdaemon installation, so wrote a fresh RP card and a fresh greenfield installation of the current daemon. All is working except for a frequency band anomaly. I am in the UK and if when running a bog standard Kiwi install I set the automatic wspr band listening to the plain 80m band in the Admin - extensions - Autorun I get hardly any decodes. If I set it to what looks, in the kiwi Autorun typeface as 80_JA I get the expected amount for my antenna and location. Now, it looks like 80_JA, but it could be something else...

I suspect something else as when I edit wsprdaemon.conf to include 80_JA I get this error and the daemon fails to start:

ERROR: in WSPR_SCHEDULE line '00:00 KIWI_0,2200 KIWI_0,630 KIWI_0,160 KIWI_0,80_JA KIWI_0,40 KIWI_0,10', job 'KIWI_0,80_JA' specifies band '80_JA' not found in WSPR_BAND_LIST

May I trouble someone to say firstly why plain 80 gets so few spots, and what to put in the wsprdaemon.conf file to utilize this other part of the 80m WSPR band please? Thanks a lot for any help.

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