Re: Noiseblanker in kiwirecorder as a pre-processor to reduce local fence noise before wd writes the wav-files



It is my intention to compare the Noise blanker enabled WD script against a standard (original) WD script directly and see, if there is any significant difference in reporting statistics. For that purpose I will use two different computers. But antenna will be exactly the same (power splitter to two different kiwi-SDRs)

Most likely I will set it up beginning of next week.

The strength of the noise influencing the North West antenna is however changing - sometimes stronger, sometimes less... we will see.

I will set-up a different call sign for the modified WD-script such as on5kq-nb, so that we can compare easily the results in Grafana.

Ulli, ON5KQ

Yes, you must modify the source code.
So do as you say, run a modified version on one Pi reporting as one call sign, and compare it against a standard versionof


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