Re: Recent Kiwi Problems at ON5KQ


Yet, i ponder why anyone would want to attack an SDR? what is the gain? 
Unless the point is to use that device via some known exploit, as a means to perform network discovery and find other assets on a given network?..."

It is not about my network, I guess.... nothing valuable to steal... however I have now rebuild all software of all related hardware.
I switched off Internet completely and reset switcher and router. Then I restored the configuration files of all the network hardware from recent backups. I want to be sure, to keep network clean, as all kiwi's were seemed to be manipulated in software.
I took them from the net and rebuild all software from recent backups

I found many many IP addresses with 34 and 35 numbers and did the same as Rob, blocking all such IP addresses completely.
Some more work to do, before I run the kiwis with wsprdaemon again. They should run non-public with only connection allowed from the wsprdaemon machine...


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