Re: Recent Kiwi Problems at ON5KQ

WA2TP - Tom

I disabled public accessibility some time ago because somehow my connections from WD were randomly my getting kicked off.
This was when it was thought that OV situations were causing the connections to get dropped by WD.

 I was able to prove that this was not the case (at least here) by disconnecting the antenna from the effected Kiwi (1 kiwi at that time) and moving it to another private kiwi. 
Even without an antenna connected, the originally effected KIWI wd channels were randomly getting kicked off. You can see this in the admin page where it shows the uptime/channel.

Shortly after,  I noticed one kiwi was getting shutdown completely. I had to remove the power cable completely to restart.

I then did the following:

Moved the effected kiwi to a new LAN port with a new cable - This had no affect - channels still dropped. 
Monitored power supply voltage -  No anomalies - voltage never dropped below 5.07vdc
I then replaced the kiwi with a new KIWI and BBAI. I gave it the same name, and IP address. 
It was ok for a few days time but then i started to see all connections dropped yet again.

Then this activity of WD channels getting kicked started on other KIWI's.

I was wondering if it was some kind of a MAC flooding attack but i did not see that type of traffic.

As of now, i have done all that I can think of to limit external access of any type, to my KIWI private network.
Firewalls are only good to a certain point. They may keep honest people out but.. I'll leave it at that. 

Yet, i ponder why anyone would want to attack an SDR? what is the gain? 
Unless the point is to use that device via some known exploit, as a means to perform network discovery and find other assets on a given network?

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I switched off the kiwis/beagles via the admin panel...
Just for your info: None of the kiwis do start up anymore.... so there is more happening...

Its is for later...


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