Recent Kiwi Problems at ON5KQ


Recently I have a rather annoying problem with all my kiwis:
After a random time of working, suddenly the kiwi will loose internet connection so the screen (waterfall and spectrum) freezes and  the stats tab in the software shows audio overrun.
Nothing changed here in the installation at all...

I noticed this problem when running wsprdaemon on the kiwis, the freeze of the kiwi causes wsprdaemon to reconnect as soon as the kiwi is available again on the network...

All looked as if I have very short interruption of the internet (probably just msecs) so it causes the kiwi to freeze and not come back until you refresh the browser.
In wsprdaemon the reconnection is established automatically.

However it appears very often: in 15min approximately 3 times the kiwi freezes...

(I switched all timers off in the kiwi admin panel ....hi)

Of cause in wsprdaemon it means the spot performance is significant degraded - that's how I found out this strange behaviour.

What I did so far with no succes:
- complete reinstall of kiwisoftware (Vers 1.481)
- reboot of all related hardware (Router, switches, powersupplies)
- re-arrange network cabling and connect kiwi's directly to Internet without (routers, switches)
- change of browsers (Firefox, Edge, Opera...)
- change of powersupply

So far, nothing changed this faulty situation
It is not one kiwi, but all of them show this problem.

One more thing I found (it may be related to this problem, or it may not)

Usually, when you have free public channels available, the kiwi regularly reports the snr ratio to the website:

My kiwi's don't report the snr status, although activated to do that once per hour....
The data you can find on the website of my kiwi's is very old ... (weeks ago!)

Has anyone found similar problems before ?

Ulli, ON5KQ

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