Re: Noiseblanker in kiwirecorder as a pre-processor to reduce local fence noise before wd writes the wav-files


hi Rob,

I updated to latest version of WD with git pull now on my main WSPR Supermicro workstation...

I realize, that it is not possible to use the .conf-file, but edit directly in the file ?

Because changing the code in  it will take effect for all kiwis at once and not just a a specific kiwi with the disturbed antenna. It may not harm and I will try tomorrow.

But it is not possible to report any improvement with decent data from such a simple test, because there is no reference. Instead, I would need a different set-up:

- One kiwi run on a raspberry with the same (fence noisy) antenna and original WD version 2.10i

- Another kiwi controlled by a different PC with WD and enabled Noiseblanker with same fence noise antenna perhaps with modified callsign like ON5KQ-NB  ...

Then we can see any difference over time...

I need to set it up for testing... please qrx a while ...hi

Ulli, ON5KQ

Hi Ulli,
Make sure you are running v2.10i:
pi@Pi-2-KJ6MKI:~/wsprdaemon $ git pull
Already up to date.
It will be interesting to learn the results of your experiment.  Before making changes, save a copy of the unmodified, e.g.
pi@Pi-2-KJ6MKI:~/wsprdaemon $ cd ~/wsprdaemon/
pi@Pi-2-KJ6MKI:~/wsprdaemon $ cp -p

Then you can add the "-nb" to line 1446 of V2.10i, i.e::
        python3 -u ${KIWI_RECORD_COMMAND} -nb \

On Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 1:07 AM ON5KQ <ON5KQ@...> wrote:
Rob, this is a question for the code-expert...:

Sometimes I have some fence pulse noise on one of my antennas.
I found out, that when listening on this antenna with the kiwi, I can completely erase the noise, when switching on the kiwi noise blanker in standard mode.
I believe that the wav-files written by wsprdaemon do no process the audio information before it is written in memory for later decoding. It means that kiwirecorder do NOT use the noiseblanker normally, when writing the WAV files.

Now I found there are many options, which can be set for the kiwirecorder.
One can find the options in the wsprdaemon/kiwiclient directory by doing:

$ python3 --help

This calls a list of all available options for the kiwirecorder. In this list of available options we can find for example:

--nb         Enable noise blanker with default parameters

This is exactly I was looking for...
Now my question:
- Can I use this option somehow as a parameter setting in the wsprdaemon.conf file, to activate the noise blanker as an pre-processor for Wsprdaemon ?
- How would I do it ? What is the syntax, I would need to use, to activate the noise blanker by an additional line in Wsprdaemon.conf...

I am thinking about something similar, as you once showed how to change the parameters for 'wsprd'  decoding engine...
Could you post an example, what exactly I would need to add in wsprdaemon.conf ?

If this is not possible in the conf - file, is there a different method how to activate the noise blanker for some tests ?

Many thanks for some help....

Ulli, ON5KQ

Rob Robinett
mobile: +1 650 218 8896

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