Re: WD will not install on the new Raspberry Pi 'bullseye' OS release

Jim Lill

Many (most?) people who run WD on SBC do it headless I think.  

On 12/15/21 1:03 PM, Rolf Ekstrand wrote:
Greetings y'all

Just to get a peek on Bullseye I installed it on my raspi 400.  There are a number of other of programs than WSJT-X  tried that simply will not install direct yet from a .deb file as they need additional files and/or functions that obviously were removed from Bullseye.  The worst problem I have found (at least on my 400) is the video flicker when using Chrome and clicking on saved web links. It is very annoying.  As far as I goes Buster is still the way to go for now.

73 Rolf K9DZT

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