MP1584 Buck converter 3A


I purchased the buck converters to step down from 12V DC to 5V DC to power the kiwi-rx
Many vendors are selling them on Amazon and e-bay

As they arrived I am astonished, that the Buck converter modules do not have the potentiometers installed as shown on the pictures on the Internet.
I was afraid, they would not be useful, in case the output voltage is not  5V.  I was lucky however - a quick test with 100mA load showed 4.99V DC output with 12.3V DC input - so even without potentiometers they may be used.

I am afraid, that if something wents wrong with the small modules, the full 12V DC may reach the Kiwi power input plug. What should I do best to protect the kiwi for overvoltage when using the small ? Any good effective idea which would prevent big damage to the kiwi ?

Thanks for some advice,

Ulli, ON5KQ

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