Re: FST4W support in WD

Edward Hammond

I may not be a "top" station, but I think I'm holding my own for a newbie.  And I have improvement plans for mid-2021.

FSTW4W support would provide a great excuse for building an LW/MW antenna and dedicating a Kiwi to it in March or April.

My wife's gonna love it!

Thanks for all your work Rob.



On 11/29/20 9:36 AM, Rob Robinett wrote:
In Wednesday's Zoom meeting we discussed my plan to add this feature, and based upon that feedback I won't rush to implement it.
However, since many of the top spotters are running WD, it is at the top of my TODO list and I hope to add it by the end of December.
Let me know if you have a more immediate need for it.

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