Re: KiwiSDR dynamic IP address

Rob Robinett

Unless there areĀ iptables rules which suppress such traffic, SERVER:8073 will be globalĀ and any packets sent to it from any IP address will be forwarded through the tunnel to the Kiwi where they will be delivered to the Kiwi's localhost:8073 port.

run: "sudo iptables -L "to see if there are any such rules.

On Sun, Nov 14, 2021 at 9:43 AM Gur Lavie <gurlavie@...> wrote:
hehehe I had to keep myself concentrated for 2 hours to get this done :) not an easy task....

I was indeed testing accessing the kiwi through the SERVER:8073.....but it didn't work...
I am thinking that the "tunnel" I opened from the kiwi local console which is "interactive" might be "local" to the context of the kiwi console session ? and the port forwarding might not be globally available ? hence not seen by others ?

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