Re: KiwiSDR dynamic IP address

Rob Robinett

Congratulations!  It took me 2 years to get that far with ssh ;=)
While the Kiiw's ssh session with your server is active, you should be about to access the Kiwi at:  http://SERVER_IP:8073.
The config of WD running on SERVER should list your Kiwi receiver at 'localhost:8073'

On Sun, Nov 14, 2021 at 9:06 AM Gur Lavie <gurlavie@...> wrote:
Hi again,

I managed to work around the passwords (with the keys and ssh-copy-id remote_username@server_ip_address).

So on the SERVER (and WD computer), I am running fine:
"connect_to_wd_daemon is running with pid 26374"

On the KIWI console after executing 
ssh -R 8073:localhost:8073 kiwisdr@...
I am seeing the SERVER prompt.

And in the wsprdaemon.conf, I have the KIWI defined as : "
KIWI_0 "
Which means it IS NOT listing the KIWI address but the "remote" side of the tunnel.

But no WD connections on the kiwi...
Any suggestions ?

Rob Robinett
mobile: +1 650 218 8896

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