Re: Major update to WsprDaemon Timescale Database Guide V2


Hi Gwyn,

many thanks for all that excellent work ! I am sorry to reserve more time into the data analysis yet - but silently using with great pleasure, what you have done on the log2 server.

I was just too busy with setting up my extensive winter antenna set-up... But winter holiday is cancelled due to Corona and the long winter evenings will offer possibly more time for the shack and also more data analysis, for which I have great interest...

Many thanks,

Ulli, ON5KQ

I've updated and expanded my Guide to the WsprDaemon Timebase installation. It's attached as a file to this message and available via the WsprDaemon Timescale web page. The Guide is now fully consistent with the installation on the server. It includes many new examples of postgreSQL queries and has Annexes outlining APIs for a range of methods to access the data. I'm grateful to Phil, VK7JJ, for contributing an Annex on how he uses node.js. Other routes include Python, psql, KNIME, and Octave (Win 10 and macOS proven so far).
If you spot errors, or parts are not clear, please let me know.
Gwyn G3ZIL

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