Re: E: Package 'qt5-default' has no installation candidate

Rob Robinett

I'm glad you got it installed on that new Raspian "bullseye".  I wasn't aware there was a successor to buster and will add testing of installation on that version to my 'todo' list.
As I recall, the qt5 package is required by components of WSJT-x which aren't used by WD.  So a fake installation should work and you may have helped my debugging of installation on bullseye

The easiest way to view the status of WD's connection to your Kiwis is to go to the Kiwi's Admin->Users page.
There is a uploading daemon log file which can be viewed with some difficulty on v2.10k.
In another forum thread I describe how to enable and view that logging.
In WD v3.0 I will make it much easier to see those logs.

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