Re: wsprdaemon tmp file questions

Rob Robinett

Yes, those are the cached spots from when your Pi couldn't reach
One WD has reconnected WD will upload in batches of up to 1000 the oldest cached spots until it catches up with real time.
In WD 3.0 I have fixed and enhanced that cache upload service and also made it easier to view the operation of that upload service.

On Tue, Nov 9, 2021 at 12:41 PM Chris M <nvhengr@...> wrote:
Hi Rob,
Once again, I notice spots are not showing up.  I think it is because a network cable came loose some weeks ago :-/  I think it is fixed and I think in a few hours I will start seeing spots and I think the system right now is uploading a rather large backlog...
There are a lot of files in ~/wsprdaemon/uploads.d/ which look like "K8NVH_211019_2159_03.tbz" .  Are these temporary files which will be removed at some point?  Or is it something I should monitor so they do not use up all of the disk space?
-chris, K8NVH


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