Re: Filtering data by AZIMUTH *and* DISTANCE - seeking your feedback

Gwyn Griffiths

Hi Curt
Your idea is not a million miles from a Grafana Dashboard I have available via the site.

I've attached a screenshot with example 'graphs' below. One can choose how many days to show - time is along the x axis, here 4 days.
Range is along the Y axis and the color represents number of spots in 'bins' that are 20 minutes in time and 200 km in range. One can select two bands and a reception location by 4-character grid, in this case 40 m top and 20 m bottom and IO90 (UK)  and one sets the direction (heading) at the receiver, and the 'beamwidth', here 275˚ with a 30˚ beamwidth, which from IO90 covers North America. The resolution in this plot does not do justice to the data.

Information on the Grafana Dashboards is at
However ... because of quantity of data etc. these plots using the Timescale database can take minutes to render. I am in the process of converting to use Clickhouse, but not done this one yet. I can prioritise if of interest to you.

Gwyn G3ZIL

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