Filtering data by AZIMUTH *and* DISTANCE - seeking your feedback

Curt K7ZOO

.....seeking feedback on this idea from a broad audience!

In a month or so I'd like to give a talk to a group here in Arizona, a group of DX'rs who haven't used WSPR to study propagation.  They have keen interest in contacting specific countries, of course...  so I think it might be very interesting if they could filter data as such:

a) FROM    a specific grid (in my case DM42 in southwestern United States / Arizona)
 b) TO         between a range of azimuthal angles
 c) TO          between a range of distances

In this manner, one could easily see when a specific band was open to a (roughly) rectangular section across the globe.  Honestly, I think it could be really cool to specify a rectangle of interest.  As an example, around Japan: and know when 15 meters was open to that country.  See the plots below as an example.

Is there a SQL command anyone could recommend?  (I really like VK7JJ's tool; in it one can use SQL; I reached out to him as well.  I confess to knowing nothing about SQL, though).

If you are developing analysis tools for WSPR data, or if you are consuming the data, I'm really curious to hear what you think about this filter idea!

Have a good day,

Curt / K7ZOO
University of Arizona Radio Station Manager, K7UAZ



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