Re: Chasing ov

Jim Lill

your MW OV is likely less severe than mine but perhaps not. In any event, I built discrete notches for the offending  mW stations and that solved things.  You might also consider as a diagnostic tool, putting in a 2 MHz LPF so you can work on MW OV without HF OV clouding the picture. Once you have the MW under control you can then see if you have HF OV too.


On 10/22/21 3:28 PM, Rolf Ekstrand wrote:


Here the 1660  station is about 10 km @ 10 Kw daytime 1 Kw night time  and the  1560 is about 5 km @ 5 Kw daytime and 1 Kw nighttime.   I have another one with 4 phased towers about 2 1/2 km at 990.  Not sure about the power yet, but the Flamingo knocks them down well below the two others.  I am still running the Kiwi without any pre amp as I think it is better to solve the overloads first. 

Yup them EU stations have a much tougher situation on 40 m. I still remember the racket   when I lived in SM land prior to 1978 (I got my licence there in 1964).  If I recall it right it was Radio Peking all over the place.  Those were also the years of the Russian Woodpecker that was even worse QRM. 


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