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Rob Robinett

In Maui the Flamingo was not enough to suppress overloads from the 10 Km distant 5 KW 550 AM station.   A friend designed a custom replacement which suppresses 550AM by more than 60 dB while passing the 630M / 474 KHz band at about -6 dB..
But solving AM overload is easy compared to the problems of European sites who have many SW broadcast signals in the just above our 40M WSPR band.

On Fri, Oct 22, 2021 at 9:46 AM Rolf Ekstrand <rekstrand@...> wrote:
Greetings, y'all

I am now chasing ov events here.  Have installed the Flamingo - am bandpass filter, but seemingly still have some ov events around daybreak. The culprit are likely to be traced to two stations at 1560 and 1660.  In particular I suspect the last one as it switch from nighttime to daytime  transmitting power.  The station at 1660 is definitely the strongest  here both nighttime ( even behind the filter) and daytime and in looking at the Flamingo filter the attenuation is not that hot at that high end of the band. I guess I need to "cobble" together a  notch filter for 1660 and try that.   I also have a QRO DX hound 500 ft down the road that is many times taking advantage of the grey line propagation which is when these ov events so far can be traced to.  

I guess I have to keep trying to find out what cause these events. 

73  K9DZT   Rolf

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