Re: Radio "limbo"

Bruce KX4AZ

On Sun, Oct 17, 2021 at 11:16 AM, Rolf Ekstrand wrote:
...see you got your Kiwi WD up and running and doing well.  What antenna(s) are you using on the RX site?     

73  Rolf
Currently I have one antenna for the KX4AZ/T WD site - a random wire dipole that is resonant at about 3.4 MHz, roughly 15 feet above ground level.  I am still tweaking the matching/feedline setup, using Cat 7 ethernet cable as a balanced feedline.  Earlier today I added an LNA to the KiwiSDR input which boosted the WSPR performance significantly, but I am positive that will lead to overloading later today - will need to adjust the gain.  But I am certainly having a lot of fun learning & experimenting with this new setup.

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