Re: Radio "limbo"

Bruce KX4AZ

Some final comments on my "radio limbo" experiment.  I've left it running since October 7th and will shut it down today (October 17th), in order to reclaim the step attenuator I've been using to adjust the output power.  Over the past week W4HOD is still the winner (5 spots), though there were two additoinal stations that spotted me twice (K4COD, WD4ELG).  All of the spots were on the 20m band.  Interestingly, I spotted myself on 40m at (new wsprdaemon setup) 'KX4AZ/T' yesterday, about 9 miles away from the transmitter.

Lastly, the measured RMS waveform voltage on 20 meters (across a 50 ohm dummy load) was 27.5 mV, putting the actual output power into the antenna line closer to 15 microwatts (-18.2 dBm), rather than the 10 microwatts (-20 dBm) that I previously estimated...though with line/transformer losses for the EFHW antenna perhaps the actual radiated energy was not very far from 10 microwatts.

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