Wsprdaemon location error (mine) & noise reporting

Bruce KX4AZ

After a bit of a struggle with naming conventions for my remote receiver site 'KX4AZ/T' at EN74gc, I was able to get wsprdaemon going yesterday on the Pi4, so that spots are now being reported from my new KiwiSDR. A huge thank you to Rob for creating/maintaining this software!

Alas, I just discovered that I entered the wrong location (EN73hx versus true location of EN74gc) into the conf file for wsprdaemon.  It's only about a 9 mile location error - and is the location where I am currently running a 'KX4AZ' transmitter at about 10 microwatts RF output (a separate "story").  I have just corrected the location error and rebooted the Pi.

It bothers me a bit that I have "polluted" the WSPR database with a location error like that, but at least it is not a gross location error, as in another US state(!).  But I also enabled noise reporting yesterday, first using 'KX4AZ/T', eventually changing it to 'KX4AZ-T' after realizing that the '/' character might be problematic, as it was for the receiver name.  Before I go any further, I wanted to ask if the noise data are being reported properly to the database (albeit with the location error that I have just fixed).  And secondarily, since I have not yet done any calibration for the antenna setup, I want to make sure I am not "polluting" the noise database by enabling this feature while I am still studying/learning about it.  I am happy to shut it off if that would be beneficial.

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