Re: HB9VQQ testing Kiwi SDR

WA2TP - Tom

Not sure I’d consider myself a big gun, but I have had very good results with high spot counts. 

I am not using any and pre-amplification on the resonant antennas. 

The only antenna with a pre-amp here, is the wellbrook active loop. 

I have been plagued with CM paths and local noise sources, which is what I focused on.

I built my own filters for the AM BB problem stations. 


On Oct 15, 2021, at 7:44 AM, Rolf Ekstrand <rekstrand@...> wrote:

Hi again y'all

I have run my Kiwi  here with AM filter for more than a year now almost 24/7 and I am very happy with it.  I am only using an old ground mounted  Cushcraft R7.  I am still planning to expand with additional kiwis  for the low bands and a vertical log periodic towards middle EU.  In the meantime I like to try a LNA ( with a 50 ohm HP on let say 10 Mhz) on the vertical.     

I guess I could cobble together a Norton amp or similar and the HP filter, but before doing so,  what are the "big gun" WD kiwi stations out there using if they need a boost??

73  Rolf

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