Re: New install on Pi4 question

Bruce KX4AZ

On Fri, Oct 15, 2021 at 08:46 AM, KD2OM wrote:
I think the problem may be the names. There is no need to use a call as the receiver name.
You are correct!  Right after my last post I went back to the original example conf file example (from the web site) and changed the receiver name to remove the '/T' suffix from the call sign, while leaving it present for the uploaded spots - important for me to distinguish different locations I use.  After a restart the spots  began uploading correctly.  I also did some more editing of the example conf file to change all of the "no" values to "yes" for the noise related reporting.  Hopefully that is working correctly too - I have a lot ore learning to do to figure out how to verify that.

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