Re: New install on Pi4 question

Jim Lill

There is also an access speed issue that the ram disk helps.

this line needs to be added to the end of your /etc/fstab file

tmpfs /tmp/wsprdaemon tmpfs defaults,noatime,nosuid,size=300m    0 0

you may not need 300m, I use that as I have 26 channels running from 2 kiwi.  After adding that reboot and see that you that ram disk   and then I'd simply reinstall wd

On 10/14/21 4:10 PM, Bruce KX4AZ wrote:
Very new to Linux & Pi, so being very cautious...but also not afraid to ask the very dumb questions that follow below.  When I initiated a new installation of Wsprdaemon, it displayed a warning message about the /tmp/wsprdaemon directory not being configured as a RAM drive, so that every 2 minutes the WSPR write cycle will eventually wear out the microSD card in the Pi.  I decided to pause the install until I get some input.  So my questions are...
1) If I proceed as is, what might be a typical lifetime for a 32GB Samsung microSD card? In other words, is the warning a real concern for a new user, or more of a standard disclaimer ("I TOLD you this might wear out a solid state drive!").
2) Is there a VERY simple set of commands (e.g. a short narrative entitled "300 MB RAM Drive Set Up for Dummies") that I can use to create the RAM drive for wsprdaemon to use?
3) If I proceed without setting up a RAM drive, is that something I can do after the wsprdaemon installation, or do I need to I halt things and do that first?

Thanks in advance for any advice.  I WAS able to get the new Pi4 set up with a solid wifi connection, running headless with SSH & VNC access enabled, so looking forward to giving wspr daemon a try.

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