Re: HB9VQQ testing Kiwi SDR

Jim Lill

From my experience on both my own and KD2OM kiwi,  above 10 MHz or so, the Kiwi may need a bit on gain in the path depending on what antenna is used.  You may note that both Steve KD2OM and Tom WA2TP both rank high in wspr reporters and use kiwi.



On 10/13/21 4:49 PM, Bruce KX4AZ wrote:

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Airspy HF+ Discovery outperforms the KiwiSDR for WSPR spot counts, give the different architecture and narrower bandwidth on the Airspy.  In my informal comparisons of the two (attached to a simple y-splitter), the Airspy had a measurably higher S/N ratio on the weakest signals.  It appears that modest signal amplification (very carefully applied) can compensate for the difference.  I'll leave it to the experts on this forum to (like KA7OEI) to detail the pluses/minuses of amplification.

I just started setting up a new Pi4 today and hope to get the wsprdaemon running with the KiwiSDR one of these days.

I also wanted thank you for your post, calling my attention to yet another that I'll need to join!  Might be a good place to discuss my current 10 microwatt WSPR experiments.
Bruce KX4AZ

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