Re: Audio input decoding


Hello Rob,

that is great to hear!

A few more details on my setup:
I am using a QCX connected to a very cheap USB soundcard connected to a raspberry pi 3B.
The loopback device is just software created with the following command:
sudo modprobe snd_aloop
The result of this is a virtual device and data is copied from one end (DEV=0) to the other (DEV=1) and also in reverse direction. So I would call this a virtual audio channel but I am not sure if this answered your question.
I am no experienced programmer and found the topic of audio devices under linux very confusing. So I just tinkered around until I got it working finally.
However, one end of this loopback device is the sink for the GNU radio script and the other is the source for wsprdaemon.

I am happy to support by testing something or providing more details.

Best regards,

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