Re: Radio "limbo"

Bruce KX4AZ

OK, after 24 hours run time at -20 dBm output, the clear "winner" was W4HOD in Alabama (USA), spotting me twice in 24 hours.  My setup is still running, and at 1742 UTC today another station in the same area "snuck in" with a spot - WA4CQG, at the same time as another spot from W4HOD.  I have exchanged emails with the group of hams in that area to ascertain what is so special that's going on, since several stations in that area have been spotting me during my experiments throughout this week, all on 20m.  In another words, it's not just a one time event like a meteor passing by etc.  What they have in common is using beam antennas, with the one for W4HOD pointed toward Europe, so roughly in my direction.  Also, W4HOD is using an Airspy HF+, a very sensitive (albeit narrowband) SDR.  So those directional antennas may be a factor...although to some extent that takes them out of my notion of a WSPR "superstation", open to all directions.  Nevertheless, 10 microwatts is (for me) a new spotting record, I believe.

I'll keep the -20dBm level going for now to see if any other spotters emerge outside of Alabama.  And it's time for me to make some RF output power measurements to keep things accurate.

Finally, since this group is about wsprdaemon, and not necessarily my low power WSPR experiments, I will say that I await the arrival of a Pi4 so that I can commence running it with the KiwiSDR I recently set up.

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