Problem found at website (Arne's analysis tool, based on Grafana)


This issue is more for Arne, but I do not have his e-mail adres.
Perhaps someone can forward to him ?

-------------- so: For Arne ----------------
Page: WSPR Daemon/ Station Noise stats
This page shows the noise levels of the various receivers (Kiwis) of one particular Spotter

The page shows the noise levels of each receiver he particular spotter runs
If you only want to show one particular kiwi out of all the uploaded receivers of that spotter, there is a drop-down menu to choose the receiver of interest.
However instead showing only that receiver chosen, it always shows all receivers no matter, which receiver you have selected. So it is like receiver selection is permanent 'ALL' - so the drop-down for receiver selection has no effect.

I am sure this is not as it supposed to be...

Not a big issue, but I want to report it at least...

Ulli, ON5KQ

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