Re: I'm looking for FST4W signals

Jim Lill

I meant to say I could get something going on my "local" TX as I did for John with 2G ALE if that would help

On 9/11/21 1:16 PM, Jim Lill wrote:
On 9/11/21 11:19 AM, Rob Robinett wrote:
I have started to debug FST4W decoding in the WD 3.0 alpha but so far I can't find any signals at KPH on 630, and WSJT-x doesn't seem to identify such signals, if they exist, on other bands
I am using WSJT-x to decode audio from a browser session to KPH but I can find no signals on 630,  Can anyone suggest a source of FST4W signals I can use?

Rob Robinett
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