Re: Nightly report of comparison kfs - kph on 80m to copy JA's in contest

Glenn Elmore

An interesting comparison, thanks for sharing it.  Because of it, I took a look at Grafana to compare KPH/TCI-530 with KFS/best_of_all_merged_antennas  on 80m during that same time, it looks like this:

What I find interesting is that KPH and KFS are almost exactly the same on WSPR during this time of day - and actually overall. They are closer than the perhaps 6 dB of SNR improvement your JA CW captures show.  This seems to me to add support your hypothesis that the extra directivity, the F/B of KFS antenna is helping, but of course only in that direction. On average, considering all WSPR signal directions they have similar performance.
I think this rather confirms what we knew - directive antennas can be useful when used appropriately but they aren't a solution in every situation.  No doubt if there were noise sources over the pacific (maybe a really noisy SMPS at Rob's AI6VN/KH6 site (:>)  )  things might be different.

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