Re: WD 2.10k has been checked in. Please upgrade to it

Glenn Elmore

fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

On two systems. Was this because I downloaded via wpsrdaemon site?  Where/when does the repository get set

On 8/9/21 12:35 PM, Rob Robinett wrote:
This version adds WD's SW version number to the spots it uploads to  That site doesn't display those version numbers, but will print that version number field.
Also, version 2.10j added use of WSJT-x 2.3.0 binaries which may be downloaded when your first run this new WD.

So it is a little more important than usual that you upgrade by:

1) cd ~/wsprdaemon
2) stop wsprdaemon with:  ./ -z
3) then get the 2.10k code with:  git pull
4) then start wsprdaemon with: ./ -a

If done within a few seconds, that proceed should cause you to miss no more than one or two wspr cycles.

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