Re: The Pi in the FiredogSDR can run 8 channel WD

Rob Robinett

Just log on to the Flydog's Pi as user 'flydog' password 'flydog-sdr'
execute 'sudo apt-get install git'
then follow the installation instructions on my github page.
there are many, many packages installed when you first run WD, and you may need to re-run once or twice to get the WD installation to complete.
in your conf file specify the IP:PORT of your kiwi as 'localhost:8073'

On Sat, Jul 24, 2021 at 9:51 AM VE3VXO <ve3vxo@...> wrote:
I suspected that but wasn't sure.  I don't expect to see my FD arrive till September probably but in the mean time if you have any chance to write down the steps you used it will help me a lot and would be much appreciated!

Best regards...joe

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