The Pi in the FiredogSDR can run 8 channel WD

Rob Robinett

Despite my vow last night to not work on the FD until its serious RF input problems are solved, this morning I decided that I had spent so much time setting up access to Tom NH6Y's FD that I would spend an hour to see if wsprdaemon (WD) could be installed and run on it.  

Surprisingly, it took only about 20 minutes any many automatic package installations to get WD installed and running.  

There are plenty of CPU cycles to support 8 channel mode, but the Pi CPU is getting pretty warm at 71C.  

So the FD would benefit from a better heat sink+fan.  

The FD is posting fewer than 1/4 the spots of a local KiwiSDR which is attached to a better antenna, so I don't know how much of that difference is due to the FD's RF input problems and how much is due to the Kiwi's better antenna.  

Hopefully we will get the chance to feed the same RF to the FD and Kiwi and quantify the difference in performance.

Rob Robinett
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